Salesforce Introducing AI-Powered ESG Reporting Tool

By |September 17, 2023|

Salesforce is planning to enhance its Net Zero Cloud environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting tool by integrating generative AI capabilities from its Einstein AI system. The aim is to automate some aspects of preparing ESG reports, a field drawing increasing interest from investors and [...]

Burbank Mayor Claims Marxism Is Real ‘American Dream’

By |September 16, 2023|

Burbank, California Mayor Konstantine Anthony recently shared his radical views on policing and capitalism, indicating his support for Marxism, societal revolution, abolishing the police, and eliminating the prison system. Known for his recent controversial appearance at a Democratic fundraiser where he was spanked by a [...]

AOC Lies About Marital Status on Official Forms

By |September 15, 2023|

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has reportedly listed her fiancé, Riley Roberts, as her "spouse" on several disclosure forms filed with the House Ethics Committee, despite not being legally married. This information, initially reported by the Washington Free Beacon, pertains to overseas travel between 2022 and [...]

Senators Unveil Comprehensive Bipartisan AI Regulatory Framework

By |September 15, 2023|

United States Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) have recently introduced a comprehensive framework for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). This bipartisan initiative is seen as a significant stride towards establishing concrete AI safeguards and managing the potential benefits and risks associated [...]

China to Use CBDC for All Retail Transactions

By |September 14, 2023|

China is making significant strides towards the full-scale rollout of its digital yuan, with an emphasis on expanding its use across all retail payment scenarios. Changchun Mu, head of digital currency research at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), confirmed that the central bank is [...]

Morningstar’s ESG Analytics Arm to ‘Axe 150+ Staff’

By |September 14, 2023|

Morningstar's ESG analytics group, Sustainalytics, has announced that it will lay off up to 12 percent of its workforce next week. This decision was disclosed during a recent town hall meeting, where the company revealed that between 150 and 180 employees would be let go. [...]

Congress Reintroduces Anti-CBDC Legislation

By |September 14, 2023|

Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN), along with 49 co-sponsors, reintroduced the "CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act" in the House of Representatives on September 12. This legislation, first proposed by Emmer in January 2022 and formally introduced to Congress in February 2023, is designed to prevent the Federal [...]

American Library Association President: Schools Need to Be ‘Sites of Socialist Organizing’

By |September 14, 2023|

American Library Association (ALA) President Emily Drabinski stirred controversy with her statements at the Socialism 2023 conference in Chicago. Known for identifying herself as a “Marxist lesbian,” Drabinski advocated for public schools and libraries to become “sites of socialist organizing.” The conference also included panels [...]

Russia Moving Towards ‘Programming’ New CBDC

By |September 13, 2023|

Russia's central bank has begun piloting its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the digital ruble, with possible features of programmability in view. "The Bank of Russia will conduct extensive experiments into digital ruble programmability using smart contracts in the coming years," said Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman [...]

China Using AI to Impersonate U.S. Voters, Spread Propaganda

By |September 12, 2023|

Microsoft has recently detected a network of social media accounts, suspected to be controlled by the Chinese, which are employing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to impersonate American voters and spread propaganda with the aim of influencing U.S. politics. The detected network is similar to past [...]

Federal Reserve Provides Update on CBDC Development

By |September 11, 2023|

At a recent fintech conference organized by the Philadelphia branch of the U.S. Federal Reserve System (Fed), the Fed's vice chairman for supervision Michael Barr outlined the Fed's commitment to building out a robust central bank digital currency (CBDC) payment infrastructure. In addition to the [...]

IRS to Use AI for ‘Sweeping, Historic’ Tax Enforcement Operations

By |September 11, 2023|

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has embarked on a “sweeping, historic” tax enforcement initiative using artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to more effectively identify tax evaders. The new technology-driven enforcement is aimed at higher-earning Americans and large corporations, with a promise not to [...]

What Is Democratic Socialism?

By |September 8, 2023|

In general, democratic socialism is defined as the combination of a socialist economic approach with a democratically elected government. Unlike Marxist-Leninist socialism, as practiced in the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China, which relies upon a highly centralized, “planned” economy and one-party state, democratic socialism espouses [...]

Temp-Job Downturn Is Bad News for All

By |September 7, 2023|

Signs of an economic retrenchment in the United States are multiplying. The federal government and Federal Reserve are suppressing the production of goods and services by the private sector, which will decrease economic output and the national quality of life as measured in economic terms. [...]

Department of Defense to Deploy AI to Counter ‘Disinformation, Misinformation, and Malinformation’

By |September 6, 2023|

The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has partnered with Accrete AI, a New York-based company, to combat disinformation threats on social media using artificial intelligence (AI). The company's software, Argus, is designed to analyze social media data in real-time, identifying emerging narratives and generating intelligence [...]

The Communist Manifesto

By |September 6, 2023|

In essence, The Communist Manifesto has become the contemporary guidebook for socialism because it has been used throughout the 20th and 21st centuries to justify bloody socialist revolutions and the formation of socialist regimes. The Communist Manifesto begins with: “The history of all hitherto existing [...]

Humanoid Robots Already Being Used for Warehouse Jobs in U.S.

By |September 5, 2023|

Austin-based startup, Apptronik, has unveiled a humanoid robot named Apollo, which will be deployed in warehouses to carry out basic tasks alongside human workers. Standing at five feet and eight inches tall and weighing around 160 pounds, Apollo can lift up to 55 pounds. "Initially, [...]

Origins of Socialism

By |September 4, 2023|

Although nobody knows the exact date socialism was invented as a political-economic philosophy, there is general agreement that the idea of collective ownership of resources dates back to some of the earliest civilizations.   Antiquity   For example, some historians argue that ancient Egypt engaged [...]

The Road to Totalitarianism

By |September 1, 2023|

So, the Germans are putting me on trial for my thoughtcrimes, and, apparently, I’ve already been found guilty and sentenced. Bear with me and I’ll try to explain. The Berlin District Court has issued a so-called “penalty order” or “order of punishment,” in which I [...]

Poll: Majority of Americans Concerned by AI Growth

By |August 31, 2023|

Americans' concern about the pervasive use of artificial intelligence (AI) in daily life is on the rise. A recent Pew Research Center poll of 11,201 Americans reveals that "52% of respondents said they were more concerned than excited about AI," marking an uptick from 38 [...]