WATCH: The Most Important, Comprehensive Socialism Presentation Ever Delivered

Earlier in May, Glenn Beck and the team at The Blaze asked me to travel to their studios in Dallas, Texas to participate in an absolutely remarkable socialism TV special. (See video below for free.) Although I played a very small role in the presentation (and thus deserve virtually no credit for it!), I’m proud to have been a part of this vital effort.

I highly recommend you set aside a few hours to sit, watch, and take LOTS of notes while paying close attention to the show. I guarantee that no matter how much you know now about socialism, you’re going to learn something by watching this TV special.

As many of you know who have read my work and followed my career, I believe socialism is the world’s most dangerous idea, but not only because of the death, destruction, and misery that inevitably results from socialist systems. What makes it so much more dangerous than many other radical ideas is that charismatic tyrants have proven throughout human history that it’s relatively easy to convince people–even people with good living conditions, such as those in the United States–to willingly abandon individual liberty and free markets for this tyrannical system, which is focused entirely on the collective. Socialism might be just as deadly as other systems that result in authoritarianism, but it’s so much easier to trick people into buying into the false promises of “democratic socialism” than it is to support bringing monarchs back to power or giving up voting rights in favor of fascism. As Glenn Beck shows during this presentation, socialism has even taken over whole countries without a single shot fired.

Socialism always starts out with smiley face, and it always ends with the destruction of freedom. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Please enjoy the show, share with others, and support our friends at The Blaze!

Socialism: A Warning from the Dead. Video and photo by The Blaze Media.