Chris Talgo is an editor and research fellow with The Heartland Institute and a research fellow for The Henry Dearborn Institute for Liberty. Talgo is also the managing editor of

about chris talgoChris Talgo joined The Heartland Institute in August 2017. He edits a variety of Heartland publications, including newsletters, op-eds, reports, and Research & Commentaries. Talgo frequently writes op-eds, articles for Health Care News and Environment & Climate News, and hosts podcasts.

Prior to working at The Heartland Institute, Talgo taught U.S. history and American government for five years in Bluffton, South Carolina. He served on the Town of Bluffton Accommodations Tax Committee and was elected precinct delegate for his voting district. He is an avid reader of history and social science.

He enjoys watching and playing sports and competes in 5k and 10k runs.