GOP AGs Target Bank of America Over De-Banking Policies

Over a dozen Republican attorneys general are warning a major U.S. bank against alleged practices of “de-banking” certain customers because of their religious or political views.

In a letter obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, along with 14 of his Republican colleagues told Bank of America CEO Brian T. Moynihan that the company “appears to be conditioning access to its services on customers having the bank’s preferred religious or political views.”

“Your discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom, is potentially illegal, and is causing political and regulatory backlash,” the letter sent Monday states. “Your bank needs to be transparent with and assure us, its shareholders, and others that it will not continue to de-bank customers for their speech or religious exercise,” the AGs wrote.

Media relations representative, Bill Halldin, denied the claims in a statement saying, “Religious beliefs are not a factor in any account-closing decision.”

“We are proud to provide banking services to non-profit organizations affiliated with diverse faith communities throughout the United States,” he said.

The AGs claim that Bank of America has previously denied services to gun manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, fossil-fuel producers, contractors for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and private prisons and related services.


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Photo by World Economic Forum, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED.

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