Revealing Klaus Schwab’s Creepy Interview with Chinese TV

While the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is engaging in a brutal crackdown of protestors decrying the CCP’s “Zero Covid policy,” World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab appeared on Chinese state television to tell the world that China is actually “a role model for many countries.”

Schwab, the foremost proponent of the Great Reset and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores added that he respects China’s “tremendous” progress in modernizing its economy over the past four decades.

Of course, Schwab failed to mention that the principal reasons China has experienced “tremendous” progress in its economic modernization program is because the CCP has engaged in blatant unfair trade practices, including intellectual property theft of U.S. technology, and due to the CCP’s pseudo-embrace of free-market capitalism in its Special Economic Zones.

Moreover, why did Schwab fail to mention that China’s economic rise has also been predicated on its massive use of slave labor? Or that China is a totalitarian police state that ruthlessly tracks, monitors, and imprisons its citizens if they dare defy the regime? Or that China is the world’s biggest polluter? Or that China is flooding the United States with fentanyl?


In reality, Klaus Schwab is enamored with the Chinese Communist Party because it exemplifies the collectivist, centralized governing model he seeks to replace Western Civilization with on a global scale. In other words, Klaus Schwab is more than happy to kiss the ring of Xi Jinping so he can become bosom buddies with the leader of a nation that is hellbent on replacing the United States as the global hegemon. And, if that means being complicit with a reprehensible regime, it sure seems that Schwab is willing to pay that price.

PHOTO: Klaus Schwab. Photo by the President of Mexico. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).