University of Florida Celebrates Communism with ‘Karl Marx Group Study Room’

If there ever was any doubt that America’s higher education system has gone absolutely haywire, consider this story from the University of Florida.

The taxpayer-funded University of Florida in Gainesville recently named one of its 14 new group study rooms at the George A. Smathers Libraries the “Karl Marx Study Room.”

According to a placard on the room’s door, Karl Marx is described in glowing terms as a “philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic,” who is the “founder of scientific socialism.” It also states that, “The unique extent of the influence of Marx’s materialist explanation of the workings of society, economics and history, inevitably saw Marxist theory extend its influence to literary criticism.”

Of course, there is no mention that Marx’s communist ideology has led to the deaths of tens of millions. Or that all nations that have embraced Marxism have become destitute. Or that Marxism has resulted in the enrichment of the few while bringing utter poverty and misery to the many.

For some reason, all of this was left off of the placard on the door, which also features a classic picture of Marx and describes how Marx’s writings have benefitted society as a whole.

But, this should not come as a huge surprise. Across America, colleges have been celebrating Karl Marx and his “revolutionary” ideas over recent years. No wonder so many young Americans are susceptible to socialism.

Leave it to a bunch of out-of-touch academics in their ivory towers to name a group study room at a prestigious American university after a man whose morally bankrupt ideas have led to incalculable death and suffering.

PHOTO: University of Florida football stadium. Photo by Chris Gilmore. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).