John Kerry Admits the Truth About the Inflation Reduction Act

While speaking at the International Energy Agency’s Global Clean Energy Action Forum, U.S. Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry told the world the truth about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

According to Kerry, ” I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation, but that’s okay.” Actually, no, it is not okay to hoodwink the public by falsely naming a law the Inflation Reduction Act when a bevy of experts have concluded that the IRA will increase, not reduce, inflation!

Kerry, who went to call the IRA an “amazing piece of legislation,” also said, “The most important parts of the IRA are very simple. Production and investment tax credits. That, I think, is going to do more than almost anything else in the bill.”

By this, Kerry was referring to the hundreds of billions of dollars in electric vehicle tax credits as well as ample tax credits for a variety of other green energy boondoggles. Does anyone remember the Solyndra debacle, by the way?

Then, Kerry really let the cat out of the bag about his grand plans to redesign society into a renewable energy-fueled nightmare.

“We don’t have to have government making choices about winners and losers. The marketplace is going to choose. You, inventors and investors, are going to help move that along, and we’re going to get there,” Kerry told his captive audience.

Except the marketplace (in the classic sense of the term) won’t choose. By Kerry’s own admission on multiple occasions, the “marketplace” (aka, We the People) will be nudged into following the Yellow Brick Road all the way to his green energy dystopia via the mass implementation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

As Kerry himself admitted, “no government is going to solve this problem … The private sector is the entity that has the trillions of dollars.”

And there you have it. The truth is that Kerry and his fellow globalists are well aware that governments alone cannot browbeat people into embracing their woke, green future fantasyland. However, if they are able to coerce major corporations, huge investment firms, and other powerful private institutions to collude with governments in a sick and twisted example of crony capitalism, then they just might be able to realize their plans to exert more control and power than ever before.

This being the case, We the People must be fully aware of their plan to pull what could be the greatest bait-and-switch in world history.

In other words, we must not allow these malevolent actors to push society in the direction they desire by hijacking the private sector and forcing it to do their dirty work for them. And, if you think this could never happen, need I remind you that the federal government has already colluded with the private sector, in the form of Big Tech, to stifle viewpoints about a variety of topics it deems detrimental to its agenda? If they can get in bed with Big Tech to suppress our freedom of speech, you better believe they will do the same with mega corporations and big banks when it comes to enforcing their green, equity-driven agenda under the guise of fighting climate change.

PHOTO: John Kerry delivers remarks at the Opening Plenary of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Photo by GES 2016. Public Domain Mark 1.0.