Harvard Hires Socialist and Disgraced Former Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio

During his seven-year tenure as mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio was an abject failure. His socialist policies turned NYC from a thriving metropolis into a dirty, unsafe, bankrupt dystopia. His pandemic response was absolutely abysmal, as he forced NYC businesses and public schools to be shut down for months. In fact, one can make a very valid argument that de Blasio was the worst mayor NYC has ever had. From his anti-police posture to corrupt union deals, NYC has become a shell of what it once was after seven long years of de Blasio’s socialist programs.

Yet, despite his atrocious job as mayor of arguably the most important city in the world, de Blasio has landed on his feet with a cushy new job at Harvard.

Yes, you read that correctly. De Blasio has been hired by Harvard University to be a visiting fellow for the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School.

According to a press release from Harvard, “Mayor de Blasio’s decades of experience in local government, federal agencies, national campaigns, and running the largest city in the country will provide invaluable insight to our students and the Harvard community. We are excited to welcome Mayor de Blasio to campus as we look for pathways forward on the challenges facing our democracy.”

Upon his hiring, de Blasio said, “I am happy to join the IOP to help inspire our nation’s next generation of leaders to find ways to serve in politics and public service, and to build a government that serves working people.”

Let those statements sink in for a second.

What valuable insights could de Blasio possibly offer to our nation’s future leaders? What advice could be possibly offer about the challenges facing our country? And, given his reprehensible record of increasing poverty and wealth inequality, how can he say with a straight face that he has any clue about building a government that serves working people?

In case you need a refresher of just how insane de Blasio’s political philosophy truly is, here is just one of the endless imbecilic statements he has made over his career: “Here’s the truth, brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. Plenty of money in this city, It’s just in the wrong hands!”

On second thought, given the socialist indoctrination factories that claim to be institutions of higher education these days, it seems that de Blasio is exactly where he wants to be.

PHOTO: Mayor Bill de Blasio. Photo by Peter T. Public Domain Mark 1.0.