Top 50 Conservative Colleges

top 50 conservative colleges

One of the most important, impactful decisions a young person makes in his or her life is choosing which college to attend. A student’s friends, career opportunities, and ideological views are often radically altered while studying as an undergraduate student.

However, despite the importance of college, many conservative students and parents don’t know where to turn when searching for a higher-education institution that will allow young people to learn without indoctrinating them with far-left ideas like socialism.

The following rank list of conservative colleges—which was created by a team of researchers at and The Heartland Institute, a national nonprofit “think tank”—seeks to provide parents and students with good options for attending a higher-education institution.

How Did We Rank Colleges?

 Ranking colleges is very difficult, and there’s no way to escape subjective decision-making when crafting a list such as this one. However, our team attempted to create a fair, well-researched ranking of colleges by relying on the following factors:

  • Existing rank lists of colleges and surveys of students by groups such as the Princeton Review,, and the Young America’s Foundation.
  • Existing enrollment and admissions data provided by colleges and universities.
  • Careful reviews of the top colleges by researchers at and The Heartland Institute.
  • Cost of attendance (this played a relatively small role in our final list).
  • A brief survey of policy experts at The Heartland Institute.

Some might not agree with every selection on our list, and we have no doubt that there are schools listed here that employ professors who teach material that is not in line with conservative, pro-liberty principles. However, we believe that among the schools available to college students today, the 50 listed below are some of the best options, and we strongly encourage parents and students to consider these colleges and universities when selecting a higher-ed institution to attend.

You can see more of our rank lists by clicking here.

Top 50 Conservative Colleges

Rank College
1 Hillsdale College
2 Grove City College
3 College of the Ozarks
4 Liberty University
5 Colorado Christian University
6 The King’s College
7 Regent University
8 Franciscan U of Steubenville
9 Brigham Young University
10 BYU Idaho
11 Baylor University
12 Patrick Henry College
13 Cedarville University
14 Pepperdine University
15 Biola University
16 Harding University
17 Illinois Institute of Technology
18 Thomas More College
19 Saint Vincent College
20 Christendom College
21 Ohio Christian University
22 Wisconsin Lutheran University
23 Bob Jones University
24 Texas Christian University
25 Hampden-Sydney College
26 Lee University
27 Kansas State University
28 Clemson University
29 University of Wyoming
30 Utah State University
31 Wofford University
32 Wheaton College (Illinois)
33 University of North Georgia
34 Palm Beach Atlantic University
35 Angelo State University
36 Auburn University
37 University of Dallas
38 Taylor University
39 Montana Tech University
40 Maranatha Baptist University
41 Fairfield Univesity
42 Houston Baptist University
43 University of North Dakota
44 University of Tenn. at Martin
45 University of Dayton
46 Ave Maria University
47 LeTourneau University
48 U of South Carolina at Columbia
49 Thomas Aquinas College
50 Texas A&M University

PHOTO: Hillsdale College. Photo by Flickr user eandersk. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)