On October 22, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joined thousands of Chicago teachers on strike in the Windy City. According to Warren, “I’m here to stand with Chicago teachers. … I’m here to stand with every one of the people who stand for our children every day.”

Warren, a leading contender for the Democratic party’s 2020 presidential nomination, went on to state, “Everyone in America should support you in this strike, and the reason is because when you go out and fight, you don’t just fight for yourselves — you fight for the children of this city and the children of this country.”

Warren, who has a troubled history with the truth (she claimed to be an American Indian for decades, a total lie) is up to her old tricks of telling tall tales. Warren knows well that this strike is not about the “children” one bit. Actually, this is all about the Chicago Teachers Union making outrageous demands. And Warren, sensing a political opportunity, was more than happy to cozy up to union members and bosses. Warren is doing nothing more than trying to cement her place as the most pro-teacher union candidate in the crowded field of Democratic presidential wannabes.

Warren, who has a plan for just about everything, recently released her “education plan.” It’s nothing more than a huge step towards more federal control over education policy and a giant giveaway to teacher unions, and worst of all, it would do significant damage to school choice programs by cutting funding for charter schools and make it much harder for them to come into existence–despite the fact evidence overwhelmingly shows that school choice works. In fact,EdChoice has “compiled what we understand to be every high-quality study on private school choice that looks at the effects that it has on student academic achievement, attainment, civics, segregation and on neighboring public schools.” The results speak for themselves: School choice programs improve quality, access, and efficiency.

Hopefully, Americans will see past the political spin and realize this simple fact: Elizabeth Warren is solely concerned with gaining power. She could not care less about “the children.”

Photo by Tim Pierce, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0), Resized