WATCH: The Left’s Dirty Secret About ‘Clean’ Energy

Liberals, progressives, and socialists claim they love "clean" energy sources, like wind farms and solar panels, and some most certainly do. However, many left-wing politicians, pundits, and environmentalists have a dirty secret they don't want you to know about their support for "green" energy.

By |2022-01-27T15:22:56-05:00July 30, 2021|Stopping Socialism TV|

WATCH: Poll Reveals How Liberal Media Misleads Americans (Part 1: Climate Change)

A new Rasmussen/Heartland Institute survey offers some absolutely incredible data that shows that audiences that watch left-leaning media are much more likely to be wildly incorrect about the facts related to important topics in the news.

By |2022-01-27T15:46:56-05:00June 1, 2021|Stopping Socialism TV|
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