WATCH: The Left’s Dirty Secret About ‘Clean’ Energy

Liberals, progressives, and socialists claim they love "clean" energy sources, like wind farms and solar panels, and some most certainly do. However, many left-wing politicians, pundits, and environmentalists have a dirty secret they don't want you to know about their support for "green" energy.

By |2022-01-27T15:22:56-05:00July 30, 2021|Stopping Socialism TV|

WATCH: Socialism Is About Control, Not Charity

In this episode of Crossroads, Donald Kendal, host of Heartland Institute's "In the Tank" podcast, explains that even outside its economic failures, socialism is the top-down governance of a society that tramples minority rights, diversity in thought, and diversity in values.

By |2022-01-31T10:19:51-05:00July 24, 2019|Socialism 101|
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